Our Materials

More than 50 different materials were synthesized applying combustion technique and about 40 technological processes for their pilot production were developed. Pilot batches (at a rate of hundreds of kilograms) of powders of some materials listed were produced. By their further processing articles with certain forms and sizes were prepared, which were subjected to mechanical and electrical testing displaying properties comparable to those of obtained by other methods.


TiC, NbC, WC, Mo2C, Cr3C2, Cr7C3, SiC, B4C

Nitrides and Carbonitrides

TiN, TiCxNy, AlN, Si3N4, BN


MoSi2, TiSi, Ti5Si3, TiSi2, Mg2Si


TiB2, ZrB2, AlB4, MgB2, MgB4

Ceramic Composites

SiC-Al2O3, SiC-ZrO2, SiC-MoSi2, Si3N4-SiC, Si3N4-TiN, Si3N4-MoSi2, Si3N4-WSi2, Si3N4-Al2O3, BN-TiN, BN-B4C, BN-AlN

Metals and Alloys

Cu, Co, Ni, Mo, Cu-Ni, Co-Ni, Fe-Cr, Fe-Mo, Ni-W


Cu-Mo, Cu-W, Ag-W

High Entropy Alloys (HEA)

MnFeCoNiCu, MnFeCoNiCr, Al2FeCoNiCr, AlFe7Co3Ni2Cu0.4