Selected Publications

List off Selected Publications for Last Five Years:


  1. M.K. Zakaryan, S.M. Estalaki, S. Kharatyan, A.M. Matzner, A.S. Mukasyan, T. Luo, K.V. Manukyan, Spontaneous Crystallization for Tailoring Polymorphic Nanoscale Nickel with Superior Hardness, J. Phys. Chem. C 126(29), (2022), 12301-12312.
  2. M.K. Zakaryan, A.R. Zurnachyan, N.H. Amirkhanyan, H.V. Kirakosyan, M. Antonov, M.A. Rodriguez, S.V. Aydinyan, Novel Pathway for the Combustion Synthesis and Consolidation of Boron Carbide, Materials 15(4), 2022, 5042.
  3. M. Zakaryan, Kh. Nazaretyan, S. Aydinyan, S. Kharatyan, Kinetic Highlights of the Reduction of Silver Tungstate by Mg+C Combined Reducer, Metals 12(6), (2022), 1000.
  4. S. Aydinyan, H. Kirakosyan, A. Sargsyan, O. Volobujeva, S. Kharatyan, Solution combustion synthesis of MnFeCoNiCu and (MnFeCoNiCu)3O4 high entropy materials and sintering thereof, Ceram. Int. 48(14), (2022), 20294-20305.
  5. Kh. Nazaretyan, H. Kirakosyan, M. Zakaryan, L. Abovyan, O. Volobujeva, S. Aydinyan, The Interaction Pathway in the Mechano-Ultrasonically Assisted and Carbon-Nanotubes Augmented Nickel-Aluminum System, Metals 12(3), (2022), 436.
  6. S. Aydinyan, S. Kharatyan, I. Hussainova, The Influence of Thermal Dilution on the Microstructure Evolution of Some Combustion-Synthesized Refractory Ceramic Composites, Crystals 12(1), (2022), 59.
  7. R. Kumar, S. Aydinyan, R. Ivanov, L. Liu, M. Antonov, I. Hussainova, High Temperature Wear Performance of hBN-Added Ni-W Composites Produced from Combustion Synthesized Powders, Materials 15(3), (2022), 1252.


  1. H. Kirakosyan, K. Nazaretyan, S. Aydinyan, S. Kharatyan, The Mechanism of Joint Reduction of MoO3 and CuO by Combined Mg/C Reducer at High Heating Rates, J. Composites Sci. 5(12), (2021), 318.
  2. Aydinyan S., Kharatyan S., Hussainova I, SHS-Derived Powders by Reactions’ Coupling as Primary Products for Subsequent Consolidation, Materials 14(17), (2021). 5117.
  3. M. Zakaryan, Kh. Nazaretyan, S. Aydinyan, S. Kharatyan, Joint Reduction of NiO/WO3 Pair and NiWO4 by Mg+C Combined Reducer at High Heating Rates, Metals 11(9), (2021), 1351
  4. M.K. Zakaryan, S.L. Kharatyan, A. Aprahamian, K.V. Manukyan, Combustion in the ZrF4-Mg-Si and ZrF4-Al-Si systems for preparation of zirconium silicides, Combust. Flame 232, (2021), 111514
  5. M.K. Zakaryan, Kh.T. Nazaretyan, S.V. Aydinyan, S.L. Kharatyan, NiO reduction by Mg+C combined reducer at high heating rates, J. Therm. Anal. Calor. 146(4), (2021), 1811-1817.
  6. R. Mnatsakanyan, D. Davtyan, T. Minasyan, S. Aydinyan, I. Hussainova, Superhard B4CReB2 composite by SPS of microwave synthesized nanopowders, Mater. Lett. 285, (2020), 129163.


  1. N. Amirkhanyan, S. Kharatyan, K. Manukyan, A. Aprahamian, Thermodynamics and Kinetics of SolutionCombustion Synthesis: Ni(NO3)2+Fuels Systems, Combust. Flame 221, (2020), 110-119.


  1. H.A. Mahmoudi, L.S. Abovyan, S.V. Aydinyan, S.L. Kharatyan, SHS Reprocessing of Copper Oxide Waste into Copper Powder, Int. J SHS 28(4), (2019), 233-238.
  2. S.L. Kharatyan, H.A. Chatilyan, K.V. Manukyan, Kinetics and Mechanism of Nickel Oxide Reduction by Methane, J. Phys. Chem. C 123(35), (2019), 21513-21521.
  3. D. Davtyan, R. Mnatsakanyan, L. Liu, S. Aydinyan, I. Hussainova, Microwave synthesis of B4C nanopowder for subsequent spark plasma sintering, J. Mater. Res. Technol. 8(6), (2019), 5823- 5832.


  1. S.V. Aydinyan, Kh.T. Nazaretyan, A.G. Zargaryan, M.E. Tumanyan, S.L. Kharatyan, Reduction Mechanism of WO3+CuO Mixture by Combined Mg/C Reducer. Non Isothermal Conditions- High Heating Rates, J. Therm. Anal. Calorim. 133(1), (2018), 261-269.
  2. T. Minasyan, H. Kirakosyan, S. Aydinyan, L. Lui, I. Hussainova, S. Kharatyan, Mo-Cu pseudoalloys by combustion synthesis and spark plasma sintering, J. Mat. Sci. 53(24), (2018), 16598-16608.
  3. K.V. Manukyan, Kh. Nazaretyan, Ch.E. Shuck, H.A. Chatilyan, S. Rouvimov, S.L. Kharatyan, A.S. Mukasyan, Kinetics and Mechanism of Ignition in Reactive Al/Ni Nanostructured Materials, J. Phys. Chem. C 122(47), (2018), 27082-27092.
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  5. N. Kamboj, M. Aghayan, F. Rubio-Marcos, K. Nazaretyan, M.A. Rodríguez, S. Kharatyan S, I. Hussainova, Nanostructural evolution in mesoporous networks using in situ High-Speed Temperature Scanner, Ceram. Int. 44(11), (2018), 12265-12272.
  6. S. Aydinyan, S. Kharatyan, Thermally and Kinetically Coupled Reactions at Combustion Synthesis of Materials, Collective monograph "Technological combustion" ed. by C.V. Aldoshin & M.I. Alimov, Part II, chapter 17, pp.429-451 (M. 2018).


  1. M.K. Zakaryan, S.V. Aydinyan, S.L. Kharatyan, Preparation of Fine-grained Silicon from Serpentine Mineral by Magnesiothermic Reduction of Silica in the Presence of Reaction Productsas Diluents, Silicon 9(6), (2017), 841-846.
  2. M. Zakaryan, H. Kirakosyan, S. Aydinyan, S. Kharatyan, Combustion synthesis of W-Cu composite powders from oxide precursors with various proportions of metals, Int. J. Refract. Met. Hard Mater. 64, (2017), 176-183.