The Gender Equality Plan (GEP) 2024-2027 of the Institute of Chemical Physics (IChPh) is an official document aligned with the Constitution of RA, laws on gender rights, and the Statute of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports in Armenia. It targets the entire IChPh workforce, outlining actions to achieve gender equality and eliminate discrimination.

The GEP aims to address existing gender biases or discrimination, ensuring equal treatment for all genders. It employs periodic monitoring and diagnosis, involving strategies like resource redistribution, prevention of sexual harassment, support for work-life balance, and integrating gender perspectives in workshops. Target groups and stakeholders are identified through data collection, with specific objectives set based on diagnosis. The Equality Team, consisting of researchers, students, and management personnel, is established to implement the GEP. Strategic directions are determined based on the IChPh situation.

Thematic areas include compliance with gender equality principles, fostering gender awareness, promoting equality in recruitment and career development, integrating gender perspectives in research and teaching, and ensuring balanced gender involvement in decision-making.

The Gender Equality Plan (GEP) 2024-2027