XRD MiniFlex 600

XRD MiniFlex 600
XRD MiniFlex 600

New sixth generation MiniFlex benchtop X-ray diffractometer is a multipurpose powder diffraction analytical instrument that can determine: crystalline phase identification (phase ID) and quantification, percent (%) crystallinity, crystallite size and strain, lattice parameter refinement, Rietveld refinement, and molecular structure.


  • Phase identification;
  • Phase quantification (phase ID);
  • Percent (%) crystallinity;
  • Crystallite size and strain;
  • Lattice parameter refinement;
  • Rietveld refinement;
  • Molecular structure.


  • New 6th generation design;
  • Compact, fail-safe radiation enclosure;
  • Incident beam variable slit;
  • Simple installation and user training;
  • Factory aligned goniometer system;
  • Laptop computer operation.


  • 8-position autosampler;
  • Graphite monochromator;
  • D/teX Ultra: silicon strip detector;
  • HyPix-400 MF: 2D HPAD detector;
  • Air sensitive sample holder;
  • Travel case.