Pioneer 180 PLD  System

Pioneer 180 PLD System provides a field-proven laser deposition that allows the end user to deposit high quality epitaxial films, monolayer-by-monolayer as well as multi-layer heterostructures and superlattices of a variety of materials on substrates and combinational growth modes.

LabRAM Nano AFM-Raman System

Fully integrated system based on SmartSPM state of the art scanning probe microscope and LabRAM HR Evolution fully automated Raman micro-spectrometer.

Scanning Electron Microscope Prisma E

Scanning electron microscope for industrial research and development with environmental scanning electron microscope capability.

ZENNIUM X Modular Potentiostat/Galvanostat

The ZENNIUM X is a modular potentiostat / galvanostat including a frequency response analyzer (FRA). 

CIMPS-QE/IPCE -UV  Photovoltaic/Photoelectrochemical System

A highly dynamic LED-based system with an active light feedback loop that ensures a controlled and constant light intensity during the photoelectrochemical or photovoltaic measurements. CIMPS-QE/IPCE is an extended CIMPS system with the capability to measure quantum efficiency (QE) or incident photon to current efficiency (IPCE).

PECVD tube furnace with roll to roll system

The instrument is a plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition device (PECVD) equipped with a roll-to-roll movement system.

XRD MiniFlex 600

A technique used in materials science to determine the crystallographic structure of a material.

TGA 8000

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Spectrum Two FT-IR Spectrometer

Spectrum Two™ is the FT-IR spectrometer that is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Litesizer 500

Particle size analyzer:

STARe System TGA/DSC 3+

Provides trustworthy results using a TGA balance in weighing technology with position-independent weighing, automatic internal calibration weights, a wide measurement range, the best minimum weight performance and the highest weighing accuracy and precision.
A complementary DSC heat flow sensor simultaneously detects thermal events such as melting and crystallization in addition to providing accurate and precise transition temperatures.

Ender 6  printer

The Ender 6 3D printer machine top cover with auto temperature measurement, the temperature, and humidity in the printer are clear at a glance

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