STARe System TGA/DSC 3+

STARe System TGA/DSC 3+

Outstanding Weighing Performance

No other TGA can measure up to 50 million points continuously. Depending on the balance type, up to 5 gram can be measured with a resolution of 0.1 μg.

Lowest Minimum Weight on All Balances

A low minimum weight ensures that small samples close to the low end of the weighing range are also weighed accurately.

DSC Heat Flow Measurement

The TGA/DSC 3+ can be equipped with a SDTA, DTA or DSC sensor for simultaneous detection of thermal effects that do not show a weight loss.


  • Technique: Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC); Thermogravimetry (TGA);
  • Data Sampling: 10 data pts / sec;
  • Sensor Output: Mass; Heat Flow;
  • Temperature Range: 30 °C - 1,600 °C;
  • Heating rate: from 0,02 to 100°C/min, increment 0,01°C/min;
  • Temperature precision: ±0,3°C, register signal of differential scanning calorimetry in automatic mode;
  • Measurement range: 5 g;
  • Min weight: 0.17 mg;
  • Resolution: 0,1 μg over the entire range of weighing;
  • Blank curve reproducibility: better than ±10 μg over the whole temperature range;
  • Weighing accuracy: 0.005%;
  • Weighing precision: 0.0025%;
  • High precision temperature stabilization system of the cell with an electronic thermostat;
  • Built-in automatic calibration with two built-in linearization weights;
  • Possibility of calibration with external weight.