Pioneer 180 PLD System

Pioneer 180 PLD  System
Pioneer 180 PLD  System

Pioneer 180 PLD System provides a field-proven laser deposition that allows the end user to deposit high quality epitaxial films, monolayer-by-monolayer as well as multi-layer heterostructures and superlattices of a variety of materials on  substrates and combinational growth modes. 

Special Features:

  • Stand-alone turn-key PLD System.
  • Deposition of epitaxial films, multilayer heterostructures and Superlattices.
  • Deposition of nanoscale thin films using insitu RHEED diagnostics.
  • Oxygen compatibility for oxide film depositions.
  • Upgrades: Ion-assisted PLD, Combinatorial PLD, Target-Substrate load-locks.
  • Additional deposition sources: Pulsed Electron Deposition (PED), RF/DC Sputtering, DC ion guns.
  • Integration with XPS /ARPES UHV Cluster tools, insitu UHV wafer transfer.
  • Insitu diagnostics: Low Angle X-ray Spectroscopy (LAXS) and Ion Energy Spectroscopy (IES).