Laboratory of Technology of SHS Processes

    In 1972, at the Institute of Chemical Physics of Academy of Sciences of Armenian SSR, thanks to the efforts of academicians A.B. Nalbandyan and A.A. Mantashyan, by the decision of the Government of Armenian SSR, a special sector was set up dedicated to the development of a new self-propagating high-temperature synthesis (SHS) method for synthesizing in Armenia of inorganic materials. The SHS method was created in 1967 by academician of Russian Academy of Sciences, A.G. Merzhanov in the Institute of Chemical Physics of USSR AS. Then, at the IChPh of AS of Arm. SSR, the Laboratory of High-Temperature Synthesis and Technology of Inorganic Compounds have been created. Since that time till present, the Laboratory works under leadership of Doctor of Technical Sciences Prof. S.K. Dolukhanyan.

Areas of scientific activity:

    Chemical physics, combustion processes, self-propagating high-temperature synthesis of hydrides (SHS), materials science of refractory compounds, alloys, intermetallics and their hydrides.

Main scientific achievements of Laboratory:

Total number of employees – 12, of which:
Dr. Sci. – 1
PhD – 4
Researcher  MS – 4
Senior engineer – 2
Laboratory assistant – 1