ReaLizer SLM 50

The ReaLizer SLM industrial 3D printers use the Selective Laser Melting (SLM) 3D printing technology. The SLM technology melts and fuses metallic powders with a powerful laser beam.

Digital Metallographic Inverted Microscope ME520TA

Allows observation of opaque objects that are too large to place under an upright metallurgical microscope,

Atmosphere Chamber Furnace

Controlled atmosphere furnaces feature a chamber with high quality alumina fiber insulation and SiC heating elements. A double walled steel internal housing helps minimize heat loss to exterior surface. Furnace operation is controlled by Shimaden (Japan) 40-segment digital controller with built-in RS485 digital communications port and USB adaptor, allowing the user to connect to a PC for remote control and monitoring of the furnace. You can also save or export test results. All our furnaces are CE compliant.

Stereolithography (SLA) 3D Print

Stereolithography belongs to a family of additive manufacturing technologies known as vat photopolymerization, commonly known as resin 3D printing. These machines are all built around the same principle, using a light source a laser or projector to cure liquid resin into hardened plastic. The main physical differentiation lies in the arrangement of the core components, such as the light source, the build platform, and the resin tank.

Viscometer NDJ-8S

NDJ-8S is  a  Digital  rotary  viscometer  adopts  advanced  mechanical  design  technology,  manufacturing process and micro computer control technology, make the data acquisition correct and the display adopts LCD with blue backlight and high brightness, make the displayed data clear.NDJ-8S Digital  rotary  viscometer  is  used  for  determining  the  liquid viscose  capacity  and  the  absolute  viscosity. 

Planetary Mill RETSCH PM-100

Is mainly used for grinding sample material down to very small sizes. Consists of at grinding jar which is arranged eccentrically on a so-called sun wheel.

Derivatograph Q 1500

Derivatography: A complex method in thermal analysis.

High Speed Scanning Electrothermography Setup (HS SET-3) with Low and High Pressure Reactors

Refers to a method for characterizing and optimizing the properties of extremely rapid chemical reactions carried out in gas, solid or liquid media.

Spin Coater EZ4S

Cost-effective compact size vacuum spin coater designed for precise and uniform deposition of thin films and coatings. 

High Speed Temperature Scanner (HSTS-1 & HSTS-2)

Is designed for the kinetic studies in the powder mixtures under programmed high heating rates (up to 10000 oC/min) and up to 1300 oC temperature.

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