ZENNIUM X Modular Potentiostat/Galvanostat

The ZENNIUM X is a modular potentiostat / galvanostat including a frequency response analyzer (FRA). 

CIMPS-QE/IPCE -UV  Photovoltaic/Photoelectrochemical System

A highly dynamic LED-based system with an active light feedback loop that ensures a controlled and constant light intensity during the photoelectrochemical or photovoltaic measurements. CIMPS-QE/IPCE is an extended CIMPS system with the capability to measure quantum efficiency (QE) or incident photon to current efficiency (IPCE).

Viscometer NDJ-8S

NDJ-8S is  a  Digital  rotary  viscometer  adopts  advanced  mechanical  design  technology,  manufacturing process and micro computer control technology, make the data acquisition correct and the display adopts LCD with blue backlight and high brightness, make the displayed data clear.NDJ-8S Digital  rotary  viscometer  is  used  for  determining  the  liquid viscose  capacity  and  the  absolute  viscosity. 

Microhardness Tester PMT-3

Is intended for measurement of microhardness of metals, alloys, glass, abrasives, ceramics and minerals by cave-in of diamond tips.